How to Find Your Phone Number on Android, iOS or any other phone?
Use Web, Chrome, Windows, iPhone or Android app to find your number!
When you’re new to your phone, you may not know the phone number to the device. Heck! You never have to use your own phone number, right? Fortunately, there is a way to view the phone number assigned to your phone using
Use the number detection on the right →
How does it work:
We’ll give you a phone number to call, detect your number and show it on this page.
Or download the “What Is My Number (” app for Android, iOS to try to read your phone number from the SIM card as well. You'll have an easy app to show you your phone number in one touch.
What is My Phone Number?
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Generating number
Let’s try making a free call to our test number:
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It’s free for most operators, from any country.*
We will not pick up the phone. You will hear a busy signal and automatically hang up.
Come back to this app after making the call to see the number you were calling from.
* Please check with your mobile operator if unanswered calls are billed in your plan.
Let’s try making a free call to our test number:
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0 people are in line before you to get the phone number.
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